Andrew has over 15 years of experience working with and managing intranets for different organisations.
With a solid background in internal communications, he understands what communications teams need from an intranet and why organisations need to make the right platform choices.
New intranets
Whether you need help choosing a new intranet platform, configuring a new intranet or launching it internally to authors and users, Andrew can guide you through the process and help make the new intranet a success.
Redesigns, reorganisations & re-launches
Perhaps your intranet is looking tired and you don't really know if you need to replace it or not.  Andrew can give it an expert review and tell you where it may be falling short of staff expectations and limiting your company,  Often the problem can be resolved by reorganising menus or training authors on how to write better pages.
He presented some ideas on how to resuscitate your intranet at the IntranetNow conference.
Governance & structure
We've all seen intranets with outdated content on them, with terrible categorisation and poor structure.  This sometimes happens because you don't have the right kind of policies around archival, author permissions or the wrong intranet structure for your organisation. Andrew can suggest ways to improve this and even help you write new policies.
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